The Month of James



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How did we, as a nation, come to celebrate December as the Month of James?

It was a cold Friday night in Ferndale, MI.  Downstairs, the 5 Rabe children were doing homework, playing and doing whatever else kids do on a Friday night.   Their father, Bill Rabe, was puttering in his study and their mother, Mary Ann Rady Rabe, very pregnant, was upstairs, getting a head start on wrapping gifts for the upcoming Christmas celebration.  She later said that she knew things would soon get busy and she didn’t want to worry about it while she was busy having her 6th and final child.

At  7:30pm, Mary Ann was struggling with the ribbon on Karl’s Spiro-Graph when she felt the contraction that said it was time.  She yelled downstairs, “Bill…BILL!  Put that stupid pipe down and come take me to the hospital!”

But it wouldn’t be until 3am, Saturday, December 9th, that James Rabe would enter into this world.

“Crap,” thought Mrs Rabe, “I could have finished Karl’s gift and had another scotch!”